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We repair and replace all types of taps including mixers, ceramic disc and washer style taps of all makes and models. They may be dripping, leaking, stiff to operate, noisy or just not working.

Helpful Hint
Don't leave your taps dripping for too long. The leak can create a channel in the brass seat which the washer sits on. Sometimes the channel is so deep, it can't be machined out and the entire tap set will need replacing. If it is in a shower or a bath, this can be expensive as we have to gain entry into the wall to renew the tap housing. If it's a bad leak you can turn the water off at the meter or the hot water system (for a hot tap) until we can attend to repair. We prioritize these urgent jobs and are never too far away.


Our plumbers have extensive knowledge of the many types of toilets around. We can repair or replace all valve types washers and seals as well as full cistern and toilet suite replacements.

Helpful Hint
Toilets are a very common cause of excess water usage. A good way to check if your toilet is leaking is to place some tissue paper at the back of the bowl. if it gets wet, you most likely have a leak. Other symptoms are that the toilet randomly fills by itself or constantly makes a slight hissing noise, you may need to put your ear against the cistern to hear that one. We can repair these issues if you have them.


Gillies Plumbing install electric and gas hot water units of all makes and models. We also carry out repairs to existing units including leaks and valve replacement.

Helpful Hint
A leaking hot water unit can be very expensive in terms of electricity or gas usage. If your gas or electricity bill is unusually high, take a quick look at your system or give us a call.  Even a leaking hot water tap in the house could be costing you. We repair all types of taps.


Clearing blocked drains has become second nature to our plumbers. We know where to look, what we are looking for, and we find the best place to enter your drain to clear it in the quickest and most effective way possible. On completion, we tidy up and fully explain to you what we have done and what we found.

Helpful Hint
If you have had trouble with your drains in the past or are now, it's a good idea to obtain a copy of the sewer drainage plan for the property from the local council. They are not expensive and your plumber can use it as a reference when clearing your drain. I also makes it easier in determining the depth and location of your drains.  It's good to be prepared!


Burst pipes can occur anywhere and at any time. Our skilled tradespeople can attend swiftly with little notice and will find the issue and repair it. We also run new pipe work and relocate as you require using a vast range of piping materials.

Helpful Hint
Many older homes have galvanised water piping. Over time, this  material corrodes internally. If you have an older home with poor  water pressure or rusty coloured water, this is most likely the cause.  We can attend and provide a free quote and advice on what is required  to repair. Galvanised waste lines were also used some years ago, if  your bathroom, laundry or kitchen drains back up often. we can look at renewing them in PVC piping. Give us a call, we are happy to answer  any questions you may have.


Our fully qualified plumbers have extensive experience in all types of extensions and renovation. We carry out all water and waste runs from start to fit out.

Helpful Hint
When a plumber starts on your renovation, it's a good idea to know  what type of fixtures you intend to install. i.e. bath, basin, toilet,  tap ware. Many of these things now days require the location of water  and drainage points to be plumbed in a specific way and location, if
not done right the first time, it can be costly.


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